Graphic Overlays

Stickers China specializes in Graphic Overlays, Control Panels Overlays, Front Panel Overlays and Membrane Switches that are customized for various applications.

Graphic Overlay is a kind of silk screen printed or digital printed on the sub-surface graphic sheet or panel that is placed on the surface of a product. Graphic Overlays widely used for labeling electric appliances and equipments. Graphic overlays provide a high quality finish for products, communicate messages, and act as the interface between people and products.

Graphic Overlays are printed on the subsurface, so the inks are protected from scratches, scuffs and fading. After printing, a pressure sensitive adhesive is applied to the back. They also work well for face plates with embossed buttons for membrane switch activation. Graphic Overlays are extremely weather, scratch resistant and UV resistant stickers.

Stickers China can produce your custom graphic overlays, including Polycarbonate Graphic Overlays, PC Graphic Overlays, PVC Graphic Overlays, Vinyl Graphic Overlays, Polyester Graphic Overlays, PET Graphic Overlays, Lexan Polycarbonate Graphic Overlays, Digital Graphic Overlays, Screen Printed Graphic Overlays, Membrane Switches Graphic Overlays, Control Pad Overlays, Front Panel Decals, Front Panel Graphics, Sequentially Numbered Overlays and Bar Coded Graphic Overlays.

Graphic Overlays Applications

Graphic Overlays can be used for a variety of purposes like appliances, industrial equipment, electronics, control systems, auto industry, automobiles, instrumentation, computer hardware, weighing scale, kitchenware labeling, digital device labeling, medical field, branding on outdoor equipment, warning labels for industrial machinery or hazardous locations, military equipment, aircraft, airlines and numerous other applications.


  • Lexan Polycarbonate(PC), Polyester(PET), Vinyl(PVC)


  • 125 microns (0.005″, 5mils, 0.125mm), 175 microns (0.007″, 7mils, 0.175mm), 250 microns (0.01″, 10mils, 0.25mm), 380 microns (0.015″, 15mils, 0.38mm), 500 microns (0.02″, 20mils, 0.50mm), 760 microns (0.030″, 30mils, 0.76mm)
  • Commonly used is 250 microns thickness.


  • Graphic Overlays are available in a clear, glossy, velvet, embossed, brushed finish or chrome effects.
  • The more common choice is the velvet finish which is excellent for hiding surface scratches.
  • Texture or selectively textured finishes can be added to the surface of an graphic overlay.
  • Combination of matte and gloss finish.

Back Adhesive

  • 3M9448A, 3M467MP, 3M468MP, 3M9080, 3M9075, 3M200MP, 3M200LSE, 3M300LSE, 3MVHB
  • Adhesive or selective adhesive can be added for simple application procedures.

Print Colour/Ink

  • Mirror Silver, Gold, Spot Colour, Pantone Colour, CMYK Full Color, UV Ink
  • We can do CMYK Full Color Printing Graphic Overlays with UV Digital Printing Machine or UV Offset Printing Machine.

Printing Methods

  • Silk Screen Printing
  • UV Digital Printing
  • UV Offset Printing


  • Any shape and size.
  • We can do Cutouts/Holes.

Temperature Ranges

  • Maximum temperature ranges from 60°C (140°F) to 125°C (257°F).


  • Clear Windows for Displays or Indicator Lights, Transparent Windows, Adhesive-free Windows, Tinted Windows.
  • The clear finish is desirable for panel front overlays with LED or LCD displays.
  • Transparent and tinted windows and graphics for backlighting for LCDs, LEDs and other displays.


  • Indoor or Outdoor use.


  • No minimum quantities.


  • 4-6 Working Days

Custom Graphic Overlays:

  • Polycarbonate (Lexan) Graphic Overlays
  • PVC Graphic Overlays
  • Polyester Graphic Overlays
  • PC Graphic Overlays
  • PET Graphic Overlays
  • Membrane Switch Graphic Overlays
  • Keypad Switches Graphic Overlays
  • Membrane Keypad Overlays
  • Custom Graphic Overlay with Clear Window
  • Home Appliances Graphic Overlays
  • Electrical Graphic Overlays

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