About Us

Stickers China – Custom Stickers Printing China Manufacturer.

We are a professional sticker printing manufacturer located in Shenzhen, China.

Stickers China supply high quality custom printed stickers, self adhesive stickers, pressure sensitive stickers printing service for many years, and our stickers are exported to all over the world.

We mainly supply custom stickers such as VOID Sticker, Tamper Evident Stickers, Security Stickers, Tamper Proof Stickers, Warranty VOID Stickers, Nickel Stickers, Nickel LOGO Stickers, Dome Stickers, Epoxy Dome Stickers, Floor Decal Sticker, Ultra-destructible Stickers, Destructible Vinyl Sticker, Metal Barcode Stickers, Stainless Steel Barcode Stickers, Aluminium Barcode Stickers, PC Stickers, PC Overlays, PVC Overlays, Control Panels, Membrane Sticker, Membrane Switches, Polycarbonate Stickers, Car Sticker, Vinyl Letters, Cut Vinyl Stickers, Custom Cut Vinyl Lettering, Bumper Sticker, Car Service Sticker, Car Window Stickers, Reflective Vinyl Stickers, Static Cling Car Window Sticker, Double Side Car Window Stickers, Fluorescent Stickers, Tyvek Stickers, Bar Code Stickers, Black/White/Silver/Gold/Green/Blue/Red/Yellow Bar Code Stickers, Food Stickers, Bottle Stickers, Cosmetic Stickers, Product Stickers and so on.

We offer a vast array of printing methods like: Web Offset Printing, UV Rotary Printing, Foil Stamping, Barcode Printing, PS Rotary Printing, Letter Press Printing, Silk Screen Printing, UV Flat Bed Printing and Laser Cutting.

Please feel free to request an instant quote or contact us for assistance on custom printed stickers at any time.